20 Years of experience has lead us to 100% Organic Media.

Established in 1998, Flowerpot has grown strong roots in all areas of multimedia production.

From audio to video, graphic design and animation, advanced compositing and special effects, we are also passionate about the work we do.

Regardless of budget, we have organic workflows that can make your media dreams come to life.  We handle all aspects of your production under one roof, which means we are efficient and flexible.

The end goal is what counts, and our experience will help you cut to the chase when conceptualizing your next multimedia message.

Please explore our site to see some of our innovative products and services, designed to organically enhance your "brand" identity.

Flowerpot is owned and operated by the Christensen family. Our experience includes:

  • Broadcast Video Technology training at the BBC, West One Television in London, and The Video Lab in South Africa.
  • Sound Engineering experience since 1990, including recording engineering, mix engineering, and live sound for venues and festivals.
  • Old-fashioned linear online editing of TV inserts for Carte Blanche and Top Billing.
  • TV Commercials for Dial A Bed, Autozone, Mica, Sharp Copiers, Link Pharmacy, Casual Day and many more...
  • 3D Visualisation projects for architects, interior designers, and lighting companies.
  • Aerial Photography through our association with Aerial Shots.
  • Animation and compositing for commercials, corporate videos, and feature films.
  • Illustration and artwork for various purposes.

Our Network

We collaborate with a network of professionals in various fields, in order to provide you with all the options for your project.

Comedia - a full-service agency, for TV, radio, print, and outdoor advertising. Copywriting, production, schedules, you name it, Comedia handles it.

Aerial Shots - not just aerial photography, Ryan is a consummate professional who goes to the ends of the earth to get the right shot.

Kaugumi - based in Cape Town, these guys are cinematic purists. Real story-tellers that will shoot well planned and meaningful footage.

Seachange Consulting - specializing in change management and other business to business communication, for those really complicated corporate communications.

Webizar - for eLearning, and other social media communication packages.

Please contact us if there is any more information you need.